Tips before the trip

Being dazzled by the Azores is an easy task. However, here are some useful tips and suggestions for you to make the most of your stay.


Have your backpack ready with beach accessories for any opportunity. Don't forget, however, to always take your raincoat with you: the Azores are known for having the four seasons of the year in one day.


Bring comfortable clothes and shoes to explore the magnificent walking trails of the Azores. If you plan a day of walking, include light snacks, water and juices to eat during the day.


Although there is not much traffic, as everything is relatively close, drive carefully. It is possible that animals appear on the road to whom you must give way.


The time zone of the Azores is UTC-01, one hour less than Lisbon.


Use the SpotAzores app, which has cameras at different strategic points of the 9 islands, to check the weather at each point and plan your day accordingly.

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