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These General Terms and Conditions are intended for the regular conditions of the Terms and Conditions by which the website www.wellshouses.pt, property and property of Ricardo José Macedo Ferreira, bearer of the tax identification number 143418696, resident Rua Nova da Alfândega, 4-1º -E , 9500-095 Ponta Delgada, known as Wellshouses, will be governed.

Presented terms and conditions apply as other conditions among the terms and conditions, among the applicable terms and conditions, between the applicable standards and standards, the schedule and the designated standards, as well as the designated standards and standards, the schedule and designated standards. relevant informations.

The use of the Privacy Policy website and the complete agreement of all parameters presented in the Terms and Conditions and described here, are described as cookies in force on any website. If accepted, partial or any of the stipulated conditions not necessarily delivered to the action on the site.

Wellshouses reserves the right to update, change, delete or change the contents of the Terms and Conditions, as well as the website, without prior notice. It is important to remember that the Terms and Conditions must always be amended or updated.

In situations that cannot be programmed in the applicable Terms and Conditions.


The Wellshouses website does not allow online reservations, it is only possible to check the availability of accommodation. Requests for preferential verification are carried out via the website, however, they can also be carried out with availability of availability through our telephone contact or e-mail.

After the request for availability selection of the accommodation(s) on the Wellshouses website, the customer will receive by e-mail confirmation of the availability or not of the same accommodation(s), and the process reservation will continue through.

Reservations are only considered as the total amount confirmed after payment of the price of the stay, otherwise reservations are presented by Wellhouses. The Customer will have 3 days to proceed with the payment and send the proof to the email wellshouses@gmail.com.

Minimum stays are 3 nights at Wellshouses Windmill and 5 nights at Wellshouses Terrace View and Wellshouses By the Sea, all year round. However, this modality may change.


Wellshouses offers accommodation from 2:00 pm on the expected arrival date.

Upon arrival (check-in), the Client will have to identify himself and provide his identification documents, namely a citizen card or passport.

The Client will have to leave the accommodation unoccupied of people and goods and without any damages until 11 am on the date of departure (check-out).

Provided that, on request, it is allowed, from requests, changes that may occur before availability, verified with Wellshouse employees and accommodation that these changes have not been made on reservations and/or on other cleaning services.

In case the accommodation will not be vacated at the defined time and conditions, and without any prior consent of the houses, it will correspond to the foreseen period of one night, with the Client having the right to use the accommodation in that period, availability of the same.

Poços do not have a 24-hour reception service. We appreciate that the Customer informs his time of arrival.

Upon arrival, delivered as keys to the property and accommodation access gates, which must be handed over at check-out.



The price of the stay to be paid by the Client constitutes the consideration for the use of the accommodation, in the period between arrival and departure.

Additional information:

Published prices are subject to change without prior notice.

It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Wellshouses of the number of people who will occupy the accommodation.

In the event that more people are present than those stipulated in the reservation, the Customer’s entry may be refused without refund.



Payment of the amount of the stay and other services must be paid at the time of booking confirmation.

This amount, as well as the amount in case of cancellation, will be mentioned at the time of booking, and may vary according to the promotional rate or the type of accommodation chosen by the Client.

Wellshouses accepts payments via bank transfer and cash. Checks are not accepted.

Specific payment conditions may apply to travel agencies, tour operators and other entities.


Wellshouses offers its Clients a welcome basket that includes regional products for their own enjoyment during their stay.


2 towels are provided per customer in addition to those provided in the bathrooms.


The cleaning of the accommodation is carried out immediately after the Client checks out, or every 5 days, in the case of a long stay.


Customer(s) staying at By the Sea accommodation can enjoy the villa’s swimming pool and surrounding gardens.


Customer(s) staying at By the Sea accommodation can enjoy the barbecue area in the villa.


Wellshouses has private parking.



Pets are not allowed.



Wellshouses is responsible for ensuring adequate conditions of hygiene, cleanliness and safety in the accommodation.

Wellshouses is not responsible for personal property that may disappear within its property.



Customer Rights

Customer Duties




The Client is obliged to indemnify Wellshouses for any damages caused to the accommodation and/or the respective support facilities/areas and surroundings, as well as damages arising from the breach of the duties provided for in these Terms and Conditions, including attorneys’ fees and costs judicial



Wellshouses provides a complaints book and a praise book in the accommodation. Any complaints or suggestions should be forwarded to Wellshouses owners.

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